Leslie John

9th July 1932 ~ 23rd June 1999

Cobar, NSW Australia

Brother of Rita, Uncle of Betty and Karen

Hannah Louise

26th June 1999 ~ 27th June 1999

Turners Syndrome

Kings Langley, NSW Australia

Daughter of Tammy and Greg


22nd July 1996 ~ 7th June 1999


Son of Hege


2nd October 1971 ~ 6th July 1998

Cerebral Palsy

Redmond, Washington USA

Daughter of Ken and Fran

"Mindi earned her wings"


28th March 1997 ~ 21st November 1998

Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy

Orland Park, Illinois USA

Son of Frank & Maria Strino

Tyler Henry

30th January 1997 ~ 25th February 1998


St Paul, Michigan USA

Son of Jason and Paula, Baby Brother to Stephanie

Dylan James

19th December 1992 ~ 19th December 1992

Trisomy 18

Grandson of Patricia and Ronald, Son of Tina, my precious little one


27th May 1979 ~ 19th October 1991

Spina Bifida

Lanoka Harbour, New Jersey USA

Daughter of Gail, Sister to Timmy


8th August 1975 ~ 25th April 1994

Cystic Fibrosis

Lanoka Harbour, New Jersey USA

Daughter of Gail, Sister to Timmy

Cade Marcus

17th July 1999 ~ 17th July 1999


Trisomy 18

Moses Lake, Washington USA 

Son of Chad and Dawn Brother of Rylee, Mason and Hannah


30th January 1984 ~ 28th July 1994

Trisomy 13

Toronto, Ontario Canada 

Son of Joan

Jordan Ashley

5th July 1999 ~ 5th July 1999

Trisomy 13

Denton, Texas USA 

Daughter of Jan and John. Sister of Jonathan and Jasmine

"She is loved and missed dearly - we were blessed to have known her"


25th October 1951 ~ 24th August 1999

Trisomy 18 Mosaic

Farmingdale, Maine USA

Daughter of Gene and Betty Jane. Dear treasured friend and guiding light for so many.

Jacqueline Marie

11th June 1999 ~ 28th July 1999

Trisomy 18

Glenwood, Illinois USA 

Daughter of Mike and Gina

"We all love and miss you very much"

Theodora Marie

14th June 1999 ~ 14th June 1999

Trisomy 18

Tallmadge, Ohio USA 

Daughter of Andrew and Joanne.

Candice Marie

3rd November 1985 ~ 3rd November 1985


Tallmadge, Ohio USA 

Daughter of Joanne

Martie Lyn

23rd November 1998 ~ 23rd November 1998

Trisomy 13

Minot, ND USA 

Daughter of Thereza

Rebecca Margaret

10th June 1999 ~ 10th June 1999


Austin, Texas USA 

Daughter of Brian and Elizabeth.

"Goodnight my Angel"

Bailey Griffin

21st July 1999 ~ 22nd July 1999

Trisomy 13

Swannanoa, North Carolina USA 

Son of Marc and Deanna


31st March 1999 ~ 1st April 1999

Trisomy 13

Dunnett, Scotland UK 

Daughter of Eileen and Alisdair


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