"Ascension" @1987 Colleen Corah Hitchcock,
P. O. Box 390082, Minneapolis, MN  55439 
For permission to use poem, visit www.colleenhitchcock.com
or E-mail:  missnovel@aol.com
 Used with author's permission.


Amanda Marie

5th February 1999 ~ 5th February 1999


Trisomy 13

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Daughter of Tracee

Krystal Lee

2nd February 1999 ~ 2nd February 1999


Trisomy 18

Owatonna, Minnesota USA

Daughter of Pam and Chad, Granddaughter of Martha & Tom

Victoria Ashley

29th September 1996 - 27th January 1997

Trisomy 13

La Mesa, California USA

Daughter of Kevin and Candice, Granddaughter of Patricia & George

Jessica Jones Delhaye

20th March 1998 - 15th November 1998

Trisomy 18


Daughter of Ron and Serena. Sister to Sara

"The light of our lives"

Joan Elizabeth

9th February 1999 - 16th February 1999

Trisomy 18

Bryan College Station, Texas USA

Daughter of Atousa

Anna Cecilia

22nd September 1998 ~ 13th December 1998

Trisomy 18

Frankenmuth, Michigan USA

Daughter of John and Ceci, Sister to Maria and Joe

Sean Michael

12th January 1993 ~ 12th January 1993

Trisomy 18

Delaware County, Pennsylvania USA

Nephew of Leslie

Gabrielle Rose

12th January 1999 ~ 12th January 1999

Trisomy 18

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Niece of Laura


18th February 1993 ~ 18th February 1993


Delhi, Ontario Canada

Daughter of Shannon

Anna Victoria

12th April 1982 ~ 10th September 1982

Trisomy 18

Dublin, Ireland

Daughter of Angela and Hugh


6th April 1998 ~ 5th November 1998

Trisomy 13

Chicago, Illinois USA

Daughter of Debbie and David

Cassandra Leigh

31st October 1996 ~ 1st November 1996

Trisomy 18

Daughter of Jennifer and Robert


March 1998 ~ 2nd January 1999

Trisomy 18

Brother of Stephanie

Blake Lee

24th November 1986 ~ 3rd December 1986

Trisomy 13

Son of Bridget

Brian Christopher

20th February 1999 ~20th March 1999


 Gulfport, Massachusetts USA

Son of Thomas and Rhonda

Christoph Elias

3rd March 1999 ~ 3rd April 1999


 Loehne, Germany

Son of Carsten & Roswitha

Evan Thomas

9th February 1999 ~ 18th April 1999



Son of Denise and Matt. Brother to Elijah. Nephew of Clark and Kathy

Levi Hunter

10th July 1998 ~ 10th July 1998



 Erie, Pennsylvania USA

Son of Todd & Brooke

Jessica Nicole

21st April 1999 ~ 4th May 1999

Trisomy 18


Daughter of Jim and Amy

Sister of Mandy and Katie

Cameron James

4th May 1999 ~ 4th May 1999



 Olean, New York USA

Son of Mindy & Harold. Brother of Ashley & Dekotha


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