Stanley Joseph

15th December 1960 ~ 30th January 1961

Trisomy 18

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

Brother of Mary

Joanne Lee Schuler

5th November 1955 ~ 13th December 1957

Imperforate Anus

Sydney, Australia

Daughter of Martin & Rita Sister of Betty & Karen

Courtney James

12th April 1987 ~ 25th June 1993

Partial T-9 Partial 13 del

Missouri USA

Son of Cindy & Karl

Jade Frances

12th July 1997 ~ 4th October 1997

Trisomy 18

Port Macquarie, Australia

Daughter of Angela


26th February 1997 ~ 5th August 1997

Trisomy 13

Airey's Inlet, Australia

Son of Mick & Jessica

Margaret Rosemary

(Maggie Rose)

10th August 1997 ~ 6th December 1997

Trisomy 18

Daughter of Jennifer

Thomas Frederick Schuler

27th May 1910 ~ 22nd December 1930


Nyngan, NSW Australia

Uncle of Karen

"We never truly die whilst someone remembers"


18th December 1997 ~ 25th February 1998

Trisomy 18

Bedford, Texas USA

Daughter of Jamie & Cheryl

Melissa Helen

28th April 1988 ~ 2nd December 1997

Trisomy 18

North Palmerston, New Zealand

Daughter of Josie


Alison Elizabeth

14th April 1987 ~ 2nd March 1998

Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Microcephaly

Longview, Texas USA

Daughter of Denise

Lisbeth Jane

d.12th April 1996 ~ b.18th April 1996

True knot in umbilical cord

Lafayette, Louisiana USA

Daughter of Sharon & Dennis

Clara Lee

3rd January 1996


Lafayette, Louisiana USA

Daughter of Sharon & Dennis

Gene Stewart

4th December 1925 ~ 31st December 1998

Orange City, Florida USA

Dad to Penny and Pops to Nicholas and Devon (T-13)

"Residing in our hearts forever"


Robert Cole

24th December 1999

Trisomy 18


Lexington, North Carolina, USA

Son of Robert & Tammy. Brother to Liza


Garrett Allen

4th January 1999 ~ 5th January 1999

Trisomy 13


Son of Kristy & Mike

Joanna Grace

5th October 1998 ~ 5th January 1999

Trisomy 13

Shelbyville, Kentucky, USA

Daughter of Joe and Diane

Christian Joseph

1st November 1988 ~ 28th November 1988

Trisomy 13

Shelbyville, Kentucky, USA

Son of Joe and Diane

Markus White

1st September 1998


Trisomy 18

New York, USA

Son of Betsy and Chris and his grandparents

Meggie Nicole

5th September 1998 ~ 23rd December 1998

Trisomy 18

Raleigh, North Carolina USA

Daughter of Paula and Kevin

Hanna Adrienne Margaret

15th December 1998 ~ 29th December 1998

Trisomy 18

Ontario, Canada

Daughter of Pauline and Ron


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