Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle,
and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
Happiness never decreases by being shared.


Susanna Kate

18th October 1996 ~ 22nd December 1996

Trisomy 18

Portland, Australia

Daughter of John & Sue


24th October 1996 ~ 25th January 1997

Trisomy 18 mosaic

Sydney, Australia

Son of Mick & Darlene

Abigail Elizabeth

10th June 1998 ~ 13th June 1998

Trisomy 18

Brockton, Massachusetts USA

Daughter of Carolyn & Joe

Rachelle Kay

25th October 1996 ~ 25th February 1998

Trisomy 18

Lafayette, Louisiana USA

Daughter of Sharon & Dennis


7th October 1998 (Stillborn)

Trisomy 18

Minnesota USA

Daughter of Julie & Joe


9th April 1998

Sydney, Australia

Grandchild of Karen

Ashley Elana

12th April 1998 ~ 16th May 1998


Orlando, Florida USA

Granddaughter of Charleen, Daughter of Kerry & Angelo

Isobel Hope

30th August 1998



Tampa, Florida USA

Daughter of Glenn & Elena


20th August 1998 ~ 25th August 1998


Wawa, Ontario Canada

Son of Michael and Cathy

Megan Nicole

30th September 1998


Trisomy 18

Lowell, Massachusetts. USA

Daughter of Roger and Angie

Mary Elizabeth

19th December 1995 ~ 28th June 1996


Maryland. USA

Daughter of Donal & Ron

Jessica Anne

16th January 1978 ~ 11th July 1998


Greensburgh, Indiana USA

Daughter of Joe and Paulanne


27th April 1998 ~ 17th June 1998


Montgomeryville Pennsylvania USA

Daughter of Joe and Lynn

Faith Camille




Daughter of Pat


Sarah Elizabeth

20th November 1998



Redmond, Washington USA

Daughter of Brian and Wanda

Paityn Marie

5th August 1996 ~ 15th August 1996


Elk Grove, California USA

Daughter of Tiffany & Rod, Twin sister of Layne


Anna Elise

22nd September 1998 ~ 27th September 1998

Louise Ruth

23rd January 1990 ~ 2nd July 1990


Salamander Bay, Australia

Daughter of David & Tracey


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