Trisomy Online is a free email based support group that was formed in 1997 for families and professionals whose lives have been touched by the diagnosis of a trisomy condition.

Please join us in remembering all children who have died. Light a candle at 7pm on Sunday 13th December 2009    together we will make a wave of light around the world    "that their light may always shine........"

Using the convenience and privacy of email hundreds of families and professionals share the day to day experiences of life after a trisomy diagnosis.

The list started in 1997 with a modest 7 families but grew rapidly and today there are over 600 families participating and sharing with each other over the five lists.

The members of the support group are comprised of families from every point of the journey in what has been affectionately dubbed the "Trisomy Fun Park". There are families who have prenatal questions and there are those who are deciding whether to continue pregnancy or whether to terminate. Some have children who have passed away and others have "surviving" children.

We warmly invite all into this wonderful online community to share the ups and downs of life in the fun park, to gain the benefit of sharing with others who understand because they too have been there.

Because there are so many families participating and because we all lead busy lives the original list has been divided into 5 separate lists. This allows us to keep the mail we each receive relevant and in keeping with individual needs.

Those lists are:

Trisomy Medical - for all things relating specifically to a trisomy diagnosis. It may be questions regarding prenatal testing, pregnancy, birth or living with a child who has a trisomy diagnosis. This list is highly recommended for all who have questions regarding a trisomy regardless of the specific chromosome as there are often medical and para-medical professionals participating as well as families who have many years experience.

Trisomy Angels - is a list specifically for those who have lost a child. It was felt that those who were grieving the loss of a child needed a special place of their own in which they could safely share their grief and support others who are also grieving. Many belong to other lists as they feel comfortable.

  Trisomy Mosaic - this list was specifically set up for families whose child has a mosaic trisomy diagnosis primarily for the purposes of research. As so little is known about mosaicism and how individual children are effected.

Trisomy Choices - this list is a MODERATED list (which means that posts need to be approved before they are sent to the entire list) for those families who have chosen to terminate their pregnancy and who wish a safe place to share their own grief. The list is only moderated in order to provide that safe haven.

Trisomy Family - over the years the list community has become very close. Many have gone on to share a very special bond, meeting up with those who are close and participating in good natured bantering about things not specifically related to trisomy. We feel that this is just as important as the more technical aspects of trisomy, and so unlike many email lists we encourage this closeness. The family lists also provides a very valuable link between all the other lists. However we acknowledge that not everyone has the time for this chit chat so a special list was created. Most families belong to the family list as well as the other list(s) of their choice, however those who are pressed for time often receive it in digest form and choose by subject which mails to read or only read it when they have time.

More detailed explanations of these lists and the terminology used are available by following the links on the left.

We look forward to welcoming you to the list and being a part of this very special community!


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